Designing Military Spec Packaging and Custom Packaging for the Commercial & Retail Industries at Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Bernardino, Orange and Riverside Counties




For over 30 years the Whaling West Corporation has been recognized as an industry leader. We provide fast, reliable, quality military shipping boxes, custom packing, crating and shipping services at the most competitive prices.

We specialize in custom built shipping boxes and crates of all sizes and description. Whatever your shipping requirement, our professional engineers will help create the most economical solution to safely transport your product around the corner, around the country or around the globe.




In order to best meet the requirements of our commercial and industrial clients, we advise on the appropriate container to minimize cost and maximize protection for your products. Specialists in both domestic and export requirements, we provide a complete service for large and small quantities.


Safe packing definitely pays. With our years of experience, it is our responsibility to assist you in the best design possible. A well designed shipping container will allow you peace of mind knowing your product will reach their destination securely.

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