1)  When do I need a wood box or special packaging?

A wood box is the strongest most secure method to transport or store all kinds of items, from paintings and medical devices, to heavy machinery and everything in between.  Special packaging is needed for fragile, sensitive items, government contracts, and international shipping.

2) What are my options?  Wood box, open crate, pallet, carton, etc?

The options will depend on a host of factors, weight, sensitivity, external circumstances and financial costs.  Our experienced personnel can guide you with wisdom and sensitivity.

3)  Will you come to my place and consult with me before I decide?

We will be happy to come and view all items and co-work with you.

4)  Do you have a pre-made crates?  Can I get one custom made?

All our crates and pallets are custom made for each client.  In that way we can tailor the finished product to your precise needs, including options like foam, case-lining, Mil-Spec foil bags, etc.

5)  How quickly can you build a crate?  Do you deliver?

Our normal response is two working days, but we can respond within hours if needed.  We normally deliver and cover the areas from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles and Santa Monica to Valencia without extra charge.

6)  Will you help me pack and ship?

We are very highly valued for our packaging and crating abilities.  We crate models for Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and sensitive medical devices for Amgen, St. Jude Medical and many other businesses.  We are not a shipping company, but will be happy to secure quotes for you.  We can ship from our premises if that is more convenient.  We ship parts daily to various locations around the United States utilizing; UPS (United Parcel Service) FEDX (Federal Express) and national trucking companies.

7)  Are there special requirements for international crates?

Yes, all wooden crates need special treatment to avoid international travel of harmful bugs.  We use heat treated wood.  We are certified to ISPM 15 for international shipping.

8)  How do I order a crate?  Is there a checklist of options?

Call us to assist you in choosing the right options for your crate.  All crates are custom made.  An idea of the estimated weight and size of your item to be crated is helpful.

9)  Do you packaging Military Parts?

Yes, to all Military Specifications.  Mil-STD 2073, Mil-Std 129, barcode labels, RFID Labels, WAWF input and assistance.

10) Can you help me understand military requirements for crates, packaging, and paperwork?

We have been doing government packaging for around 30 years and are completely informed on all requirements, including the latest updates.  Our professional staff is happy to help you through all complexities of contracts and paperwork.

11)  Need Military packaging Materials?

We stock a variety of bags to Mil-B-121, Mil-B-131, Mil-PRF 81705 and many cartoons, Chip boxes, Single wall,  Double wall, V3C,  sizes to military specification ASTM D-5118.  We stock various cushioning, micro-foam, bubble pack, as well as desiccant, humidity indicators, and foam.

12) What type of Military specification material and services can you provide?

Please check out our reference guide below:

  • A-A-1051
  • A-A-1898
  • A-A-203
  • A-A-59135
  • A-A-59136
  • A-A-883
  • ASTM-D-5118
  • ASTM-D-5330
  • ASTM-D-5486
  • ASTM-D-5749
  • ASTM-D-6123
  • ASTM-D-6251
  • ASTM-D-6256
  • ASTM-D-6880
  • ASTM-D-7478
  • MIL-B-117
  • MIL-B-121F
  • MIL-B-131
  • MIL-B-22191
  • MIL-B-26195
  • MIL-C-104
  • MIL-DTL-117
  • MIL-DTL-17667
  • MIL-DTL-24466
  • MIL-P-3420
  • Mil-PRF-22191
  • MIL-PRF-121
  • MIL-PRF-131
  • PPP-B-1672
  • PPP-B-566
  • PPP-B-601
  • PPP-B-621
  • PPP-B-636
  • PPP-C-1120
  • PPP-C-1752
  • PPP-C-1797
  • PPP-C-795
  • PPP-P-291
  • PPP-T-45
  • PPP-T-60
  • PPP-T-76
  • PPP-T-97

13  Do you ship or work with shipping companies?

As mentioned, we are not a shipping company, but work daily with many shippers, including UPS and Federal Express and national trucking companies.  You can ship from our premises if that is more convenient and we also have extra space if you need short term storage.

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